About me

Michael Taggart

Hi, I’m Michael Taggart, the author of this imaginatively titled blog. Contact me here.

I’m a senior consultant at Media Relations Management in London specialising in digital and social and I live in Brighton (on the south coast of England) with my fiancé Helen. I’m interested in the intersection of social technologies, the media and business.

My background is in journalism and I have been a staff reporter at local and regional newspapers, a crime-reporting agency and – most recently – the Daily Mail.

I’m particularly interested in how my industry can demonstrate a financial return on investment into business social media programmes. This means proving a real correlation between achieved business objectives (sales etc) and social media metrics.

It definitely doesn’t mean counting Twitter followers, Facebook friends or ‘eyeballs’ on your website.

I’m hoping to use this blog to share some of what I’ve learnt about this field and to hear from you – because you probably know more than I do.

These are my personal perspectives on social media, digital marketing, advertising, PR and the traditional media, not those of any organisation.


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