Using Twitter ‘favourites’ as a testimonials page

9 Oct

Michael Taggart in the bath this morning

A Eureka moment came to me this morning as I was fiddling around with my Twitter ‘favourites’ in perplexed bafflement – wondering why on Earth anyone would ever want to ‘favourite’ any tweets.

“Of course! Businesses can use Twitter favourites as a testimonials page,” I exclaimed, simultaneously applauding and reaching round to pat myself on the back.

Except, a few minutes into marveling at the simplistic beauty of my discovery, Google told me that businesses were already doing it the world over. That pesky Google!

Ah well, there goes the Nobel Prize for Social Media. But it’s clearly an idea people like so I’ll share it anyway:

What I’m saying is that businesses and brands should look through their mentions on Twitter and ‘favourite’ the ones that speak highly of them, recommend them or praise them. Why? Because you can link to your ‘favourites’ page from, say, your website and replace your old-style testimonials page with the new Twitter link, calling it “What They Say” or “Testimonials” or something similar.

Look, here’s one I made earlier (please bear in mind that people hardly ever say anything nice about me on Twitter so you’ll have to use your imagination to envisage the real potential). Here goes: “Here’s what Michael Taggart’s customers say about him

See how it works?

And why is it better than traditional testimonials?

1. It’s more authentic – they’re clearly written off-the-cuff by happy customers without being prompted. Old-school testimonials often read like marketing-speak.

2. They’re much more easily updated insofar as you don’t have to mess around with adding text to a website; you merely ‘favourite’ a suitable tweet whenever you’re mentioned in a way that’s worth sharing.

3. You’re giving something back to the customer who’s taken the time to mention your brand publicly by effectively promoting them and the way to connect to them (ie on Twitter)

It’s genius.

It was original once.

I only wish I’d thought of it first.

If you think this simple tip could help a friend, contact or business you know, please take the time to hit the tweet button below this or the share button at the top. Thanks.


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